What Will Your Daddy Do…

…when he finds your mommy kissing Santa Claus?

There’s only one reason to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and that’s Die Roten Rosen’s “…wir Warten Auf’s Christkind” album. When I lived with Huizenga—who, by the way, might very soon be an employee of my company—he introduced me to it. It’s a German punk-rock Christmas album. Just take my word for it and download the album. You’ll never hear a more tear-jerking “Oh Tannenbaum,” not because it’s so good—because it’s so deliciously bad.

Well, I got some good motivation (other than being sick) to quit smoking. Somehow, some way, I got talked into doing a half-marathon in May, so I had better get my ass in gear. It’ll be good for me, but I know I’m going to hate myself every step of the way. My boss, Neal, astonishes me: he does this race called Hood to Coast every year, which is a relay race from Mt Hood to Seaside, OR. You know how much training he does before it? Zero. The man plays co-ed indoor soccer on Sundays, and that’s it. I’ll be lucky to walk this half-marathon if I don’t start now.

And now, in completion of the Muppets blog-post trifecta, this made my day yesterday:

I got one final shave in to end the month this morning. Please take note of how quickly my chin has kicked my upper lip’s ass.



3 Responses to What Will Your Daddy Do…

  1. Nicole says:

    Most of the half marathons (in Indy at least) you can walk. I’m thinking of doing that for the Geist Half.

  2. Mills says:

    Jeff Kennedy… half marathon? If you complete a half marathon in May, I’ll buy you a six pack of premium beer this Homecoming. Now THAT’S motivation.

  3. mom says:

    i’m thinking a 6 pack of the dark lord beer you like

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