Add It to the List

A list thus far of reasons why I’m looking forward to being able to drink a beer again:

1) When we were at Howie’s on Saturday, it just felt natural for me to reach for the flask of whiskey that was getting passed around. Ergo, this month is unnatural and should be stopped.

2) My favourite TV show of all time, Scrubs, has new episodes on December 1st. This should be celebrated. I just hope it doesn’t suck.

3) The fact that I made it a month sober at all should be celebrated, as a matter of fact.

4) I feel bad leaving the roomie with a lot less fun things to do on the weekend without me being his intoxicated, incredibly charming wingman.

5) Work.

I haven’t been particularly thrilled with my job recently. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the people here. But it’s been rough for the last few months. Constant pressure, no room for error—the usual kind of bullshit that someone just out of college espouses when he’s having trouble at work. But at the end of the day, when people asked me how I felt about work, all I could say was that I love my job and my company.

My boss’s boss, Dean, is the kindest, most fair boss anyone could ask for. The man’s level-headed and makes rational, fair decisions, but will also put his foot in your ass if you need it. He’s made a big impact as to how I view working, and definitely helped me come to love the company I work for, even if I may not love every day working here.

And they’re transferring him.

More importantly, they’re transferring him and bringing in someone whose philosophy of management isn’t, well, isn’t exactly the same as Dean’s. I’ve had a few encounters with the man, and none of them have been pleasant. I’ll stop there before I put my foot in my mouth. As it turns out, his official start date is December 1st. You’d better damn well believe I’m gonna be drunk.

Now maybe I’m just being a pessimist and he’ll come in and work wonders in this plant. Our production will turn around and he’ll instil a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. But I’m not holding my breath, despite the photographic evidence to the contrary below.


2 Responses to Add It to the List

  1. Chris the Karaoke God says:

    6) “Favourite”. Kennedy’s gone English English on us — he’s losing his American identity. This must be rescued with a case of PBR.

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